Time Management Simulations for High School Students : Learn by Example

Time Management Simulations for High School Students : Learn by Example

The high school students may or may not be the next batch of college students. The tradition of sending high school graduates immediately to college right after the year they graduated has already been abandoned.

Nowadays, it is up to the student if they still want to continue on a college education right after graduating or if they opt to occupy themselves with work first. It is quite important that high school students already know how to effectively budget their time and make use of each minute of their lives doing valuable things necessary for a successful future.

In as much that high school authorities would like to have high school students enjoy their leisure years, indeed they would do well to emulate the examples of college students in proper time management.

High school students are not entirely devoid of a whirlwind of activities. Nevertheless, the students do not have much heavy responsibilities yet, even in their homes. Heavy-duty time management practices might be beyond their league yet.

Still it is a great help to introduce, early on the simplest simulations of time management practices, that is applicable enough for high school students.

Here are some simulations of time management tips for high school students designed according to the pattern of activities by high school. This will help hone high school students’ reliable organizing talents.

The time management simulations are presented as advices for controlling time and organizing high school life. The time management simulations will also give high school students an idea on how to handle classes, homework, projects, and extra-curricular activities while still managing to squeeze in a boyfriend/girlfriend and spend time with them and their family.

1. Having a list of things “To Do” daily – Making this should be quite easy. The things considered as very important must be on the top of the list. Next are the least important ones. Aside from a “To Do” list, one can also maintain a planner or a calendar of activities. Using planners will help keep track of all tasks to accomplish.

Check off every item accomplished or completed, everyday, too. Rewarding or indulging oneself to relax, relaxation or other types of entertainment is a great thing to reward yourself of accomplishments.

2. Precious spare time are rare, use them wisely. Get small but profound tasks finished during intervals between classes, or while waiting in the bus stop.

3. Do not give in to peer pressure. Learn to say no, quickly and politely. Turn down friendly invitations for social activities, which you do not want to attend because it will get in the way of your more important tasks.

4. Know the best time of day when your energy level is at its highest and you are bound to be more productive. This is the perfect time to accomplish or finish important projects. However, you can still perform small tasks of lesser importance during the time of day when your energy level is not at its best. This way, you will not waste any time.

5. As a student it is necessary to take down lecture notes and review them every day. This practice will further advance and reinforce what you have already learned and may even help in adding new knowledge. You will also be ready for any surprise quizzes your teacher might give.

6. You deserve a good night’s rest, every night. The maximum hours required for a good sleep is eight hours. Having a good night’s sleep and rest will keep you bright and fresh in each day you face.

7. Set up a schedule you can open to others so that they can avoid disturbing you unintentionally. Set a time on when you will allow yourself the distraction of social calls from friends. Set a daily schedule for your everyday routine.

8. Plan other projects by identifying the free time you have each week. Manage this free time well by using it to do other activities and projects you have failed to finish before or have just recently took on.

9. Stop worrying and instead get on with living. Worrying only cause serious health implications, stress and lack of appetite. Nothing can be gained from worrying. Instead of spending your time agonizing and procrastinating, you can accomplish more productive activities.

10. Finally, always keep a good perspective of things. Do not set unrealistic goals that will just lead to failure. You can identify your ultimate goals in life early on. Set possible ones.

This is but a form of time management simulation for high school students. By considering the tips, instructions and profound irrevocable knowledge in this simulation, you can personalize them according to your habits and character.

These time management simulations will greatly help in improving high school students’ lifestyle and outlook in life and assist them in reaching their goals in life.


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