The Latest Birth Control Devices and Methods

The Latest Birth Control Devices and Methods

Without a doubt, even as we speak, there are many different types of birth control devices and methods being developed today. Birth control is a very important part of family planning and with the rate of unwanted pregnancies and occurrence of teenage sex, the many different types of birth control devices and methods should be introduced as early on to teens as possible.
For example, there’s the barrier method of birth control which includes devices like diaphragms, cervical caps and shields that ultimately works by covering up the cervix so that sperm cannot enter the uterus during sexual intercourse. When the sperm cannot enter the uterus, the egg cannot be fertilized by the sperm. The barrier method is not 100% foolproof, although none of the birth control methods and devices are ever 100% secure so, in order to achieve its full potential, usage of the barrier type of birth control should be used together with an effective form of spermicidal application which kills off sperm that enters the body. Spermicidal applications are available in varying types, i.e., cream, foam or gel form.
The most common and most effective form of birth control remains to be the hormonal types of birth control which includes the varying types of birth control pills, injections and patches available in the market. They are excellent ways for birth control but some people are not able to use the oral contraceptive type of birth control or prefer not to use them. In that case, they may have to use other forms of birth control in the market.
Talking about spermicides, there is something called the contraceptive sponge that is somewhat like a foam or sponge that one inserts into the body of the female to cover the cervix area. The foam contains sperm-killing chemicals that kill of sperms that enter the body. Not only do contraceptive sponges block the sperm from entering the cervix, it also doubles up as spermicide, working as a 2-in-1 birth control device.
In recognizing the need for an urgent or emergency birth control device, there is something called the ‘emergency contraceptive’ that is available off the counter in most pharmacies, hospitals and clinics. The emergency birth control device is useful to women who forgot to take their oral birth control, is forced to have unprotected sex, or used birth control methods but it did not work (condom breaking). The emergency birth control works by stopping the ovaries from releasing eggs, stopping fertilization of the egg when the sperm has entered the body and it also stops the fertilized egg from attaching itself to the wall of the uterus.

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