Cluttering in Self Organization

Cluttering in Self Organization

My desk is in a rumble with papers all around. I am not sure which has more wrinkles, my face, my dress or my papers cluttered on my desk. Do you ever have one of those days that your life seems in a mess, yet you do not understand what to do to change your pattern? No problem Mon’, we have a solution.

First, I want to clear up your mind of rubble by letting you know that you are not alone. In fact, some of the most popular people in the world lived in cluttered, yet had an organized mind. Take Einstein for instance. Einstein said some famous words in his years that made even the most advanced scientist stand up and take notes. He said, “Out of the clutter, find simplicity.” He continued to tell us that from disagreement we discover unison. In the center of “difficulty,” we find “opportunity.”

Now, forget about that cluttered desk. Think about what Einstein was saying for a moment. In fact, this man proved to be a genius. Therefore, do not sweat the small stuff; rather focus on what you need to do to work through your tasks.

Some of us just do not have the ability to use self-organization skills, let alone clear our desk of clutter. In fact, some people can find things easier on a cluttered desk. When that desk is clean, thus the person will find it difficult to figure out where he put that contract that was due today.

We see that self-organization rests on the shoulders of much different type of people. Some people are mentally self-organized, while others are planners. They plan every little detail of their life until later they find their self in a muse, trying to figure out where time went.

The key to establishing an orderly life despite how difficult it may seem is to leave your baggage behind by cleaning up your mind. An orderly mind will express ten times more to others as to what you are about. Our baggage is noted in our hang-ups, behaviors and our concepts.

If we adjust these elements of our human makeup, it will make us stronger and self-organization issues will become outdated. Since, each of us are different we must recognize our ability to develop in our own way, rather than someone else’s way.

Therefore, I can offer you all the advice in the world, yet it will take you to work through the clutter to get to the boiling point of development.

What if I am one of those clutter-yuppies that stack piles of junk all over the house, What if I cannot let go of my valuables.

Amazing question: not too many people will literally admit, accept and then ask questions about their behaviors, such as being a clutter-yuppie… It is ok to be a clutter-yuppie. In fact, some of the most intelligent people did not throw what seems to be trash away to others, yet valuables to them and later that clutter became just what that person thought of it, valuable.

We all have different means of establishing our self-organization skills. We can never expect to cultivate such skills the same as the next person. Nor can anyone expect us to organize our life in the same way that they are organized. We have to adapt to our learning styles in order to arrive at organization’s door.

So, stop stressing the cluttered desk, wrinkled papers and being a clutter-yuppie. Who knows someone may find a pot of gold buried in your junk. The main thing is to work on your skills without someone telling you that you are doing the job wrong.


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